The most frequently visited hotels Australia, Part 3

5 Ноябрь, 2014


Отель Виндзор Windsor в Мельбурне.

Windsor Hotel melbourne.

Hotel Windsor / Windsor, Melbourne, Victoria

Dame Nelly Melba is one of the many stars, who stayed at this unique Melbourne hotel, and rumors are circulating, that her singing can sometimes be heard in the corridors.

To enhance the experience of communicating with ghosts, take a theatre tour to the nearby Casates Theatre / Princess Theatre, Which one, as they say, haunted by the ghost of actor Frederick Baker (who is better known by the stage name of Friedrich Federici). Baker played the role of Mephistopheles in Gounod's opera Faust in 1888, when he had a heart attack and died after being lowered by a hatch into the basement during a simulated descent into the fires of hell. When his fellow actors talk about, What happened after the performance, They insist, that he allegedly appears on stage, to take part in the finale of the performance. Since then,, The figure of the ghost has been seen in the theater several times.

Отель Рассел / Russell Hotel, Rocks, New South Wales

Отель Рассел в Сиднее.

The Russell Hotel in Sydney is haunted by the ghost of a sailor.

Located in the heart of historic Sydney, in an area called Rocks, The Russell Hotel has a rich history and, Of course, It has the most popular number 8, which is said to be, haunts the spirit of the sailor. Guests describe, What we saw, As he stands in the room, and looks at them.
There are also numerous reports that, that someone walking by night and squeaking floorboards, but when the staff tries to find the source of the noise, whenever they didn't find.




Hotel East, Ballarat, Victoria

Отель Восточный, Балларата, штат Виктория.

The Oriental Hotel is haunted by many ghosts.

In this hotel, as they say, Several ghosts live at once, including the first owner of the establishment, Thomas Redshaw Hunt, the appearance of which, Usually, preceded by a strong smell of tobacco. The ghost of a two-year-old boy also appears at the hotel, who drowned in a mountain lake; English mother and daughter Maggie, 35 лет, и Сара, 12 лет, who died in one of the rooms from yellow fever; Irishman, who was stabbed in the hotel kitchen; and two indigenous caretakers.

According to the manager, Mr. Hunt's Ghost , is a kind of patron of the hotel.

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