‘New South Wales’

Где находятся лучшие пляжи в Австралии?


Гнездо ястреба,  Новый Южный Уэльс.

15 in its list of the "101 best beach Australia» takes Jack Hawk (Hawk's Nest) on the North coast of new South Wales


Visit the best beach in Australia and not so simple, you don't just throw children into the car and go. Read the rest of this entry »



China South Airlajns company opened today a new direct flight to Shenzhen – Sydney

Авиакомпания Чайна Юг Аирлайнс открыла авиарейс Шэньчжэнь - Сидней
Sydney Airport today welcomed the opening of the new route China South Airlines Airlajns / China Southern Airlines, that launched a weekly direct flight from Shenzhen in Sydney on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year. Read the rest of this entry »

7 причин по которым действительно стоит побывать в Канберре, Part 3

Молочные коктейли Freakshakes
Milkshakes Freakshakes

This may seem suspicious, that one Cafe can create their own unique style of food, but the Café Patissez has managed to do it. Read the rest of this entry »

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