Sydney Aquarium

9 Январь, 2020


You, of course, You know, that australia has so many attractions. The main wonder of this country is in the city of Sydney.

it, the so-called, Sydney Aquarium, being the largest on earth. There is an order in it 700 species of different fish and animals, collected across the three main oceans. A total of, The aquarium is more 10 000 individuals.

Every year this attraction is visited by more than a million spectators, which isn't very surprising. After all, only in this aquarium you will be able to see all kinds of fish and animals, living in the oceans.

There's an interesting fact, which reads, that every Australian at least twice in their lives is in this amazing place. As for the story, The aquarium opened back in 1988 year. At that time it was a real breakthrough in this area. Nowadays, this aquarium is valued in 100 million dollars.



The Sydney Aquarium is able to accommodate more 6 million litres of water, drawn from the nearest Darling Harbour at the speed of 500 000 litres per hour. Special pumps are available for this purpose, that work nonstop. The water in the aquarium is at a constant temperature 25 degrees. This temperature is optimal for marine residents.

The walls of the aquarium are made of a special anti-strike acrylic, which can easily withstand animal bumps and high water pressure. Aquarium divided into several sections:

  • Murray-Darling River
  • sharks
  • Open Ocean
  • Seals
  • The Great Barrier Reef.

All sections have their own features and interesting details. They allow you to follow the world of the ocean and its inhabitants for a very long time.

Other than that,, The aquarium is famous for its large transparent tunnel, which divides spectators and marine life. If you want thrills, you'll definitely visit the shark section. You will see not only small and safe sharks, but also the real predators. All sharks are pretty peaceful, because they are well fed and not unnerved.

It's worth noting, that sharks are not able to make steep turns to catch prey.

Total for 30 USD (Ticket price) you'll get a lot of unforgettable experiences for life. After all, no other country has such a masterpiece, that would combine as entertainment, So is training.




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