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24 August, 2017


One of the most amazing and fascinating buildings of the world. It has its own unique appearance and architecture. This is something similar to a business card in Sydney and all Australia. The majestic Sydney Opera House!

History of creation

To build this beautiful building began in 1958 year. The place chosen for the construction of Bennelong- Point. Prior to the erection of the theater at this location housed the tram depot, and even earlier times there was-Fort.

Jørn Utzon, Architect from Denmark, developed a draft, where was submitted to this kind of theatre, now admired by millions of people. Why such an unusual building project? As the architect himself, the inspiration served Orange cleaning. In the future,, for your masterpiece, at 2003 year, Utzon received the prestigious "Pritzker Architecture Prize» (for outstanding achievements in the field of architecture).

Many problems solved the idea of spherical shells. Actually installing such membranes is simple. But there were serious problems with the interior decoration of the building. 4 year and value in 7 million Australian dollars-it was a plan for the construction of. But actually received 14 years of construction and 102 million dollar cost.



As a result, officially the Sydney Opera House was solemn and ceremonial open 20 October 1973 year of the Australian monarch Elizabeth II.

Characteristics of building

2,2 hectare-area, present Theatre. Overall length and width of the building- 185 meters and 120 meters respectively. 580 piles hold 161 000 ton design. Energy, which consumes Théâtre, can be compared to the energy consumption of a small town in 25 000. Pre-cooked, section in quantity 2 194 pcs, make up the roof. The height of the roof 67 meters, weight approx. 27 tons. A few "shells", or even called the "sail", make up the roof of the Opera House. Sinks are made from Ferro-concrete panels, that resemble a triangle. This allows the building of the Opera have a unique appearance. About 1 056 006 tiles for roofing needed.

Interesting facts

  • Opera does not work all 2 day of the year, It's Christmas and Great Friday.
  • World-famous actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, at 1980 He received his title "Mr. Olympia" in the main hall of the Opera.
  • Singer Paul Robeson was the first, acting on the stage of the Opera. It happened during construction, and more precisely, then during lunch. When workers dined, he sang for them.
  • In competition, on the choice of the project, presented work in quantity 233. The jury chose exactly the, which is now known in the whole world. Draft conquered its uniqueness and unconventional.
  • Place, where the rebuilt Opera House, Cape Bennelong or Bennelong – Point, named in honour of Aboriginal. Bennelong was one of the elders of his tribe. After his capture of British soldiers, He served as an interpreter with their local language to English. He quickly learned the language of white and took over their customs.

Symbolism and popularity

The Opera House is not unlike any building in the world. Its beauty attracts millions of tourists from all over the Earth. UNESCO decided to, that this creation can be considered as a world heritage site and included it in its list of the 2007 year to 17 a place.

Sydney Opera House, an architectural Marvel, at this point it is worth, in size and popularity, with such facilities, as: The Statue Of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower. No wonder it's called the eighth wonder of the world! That's amazing, cruising along the coast of sailboats and not suspected, that their sails just encourage you to architect so amazing creation.






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