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13 July, 2017


Seals with Montague island. Photo source: iStock

Находящееся в девяти километрах от города Нарума, rocky coastline on the island of Montague is the dream of any snorkellera or diver.

It is the largest in New South Wales colony of fur seals (their population peaks reaches about 2 000 individuals), as well as thousands of penguins.

This natural marine reserve is also the main place for dolphin and whale watching, inhabiting the shore.

On Charters Narooma Island / Island Charters Narooma scuba diving, during which you can literally "nose to nose" encounter with the playful seals, In addition to the Australian shark-nanny,   sharks-voblegam, as well as stingrays – Electric Ray and spotty orljakom.

You can Pat the kangaroos on the beach

The locals on the beach Pebbi. Photo: Tourism Australia / Andrew Smith



Want to get a photo, that will look good on your homepage is Instagram? Then how about wild kangaroos on the beach background? On the beach, Learn Murramarang National Park you will be able to get this photo, at the sight of which all your friends just die of envy.

This place is widely known as the abode of "surfing Kangaroo" (According to myth, associated with the photo of a kangaroo with low surf), it is home to a large population of eastern grey kangaroos and red-necked wallabies, who roam freely here, sunbathe on the beach and graze right next to you on the grass. They are not afraid of man, You can get up close and even, If they allow, try them gently pat.

The National Park is also a place, where two other hot tourist spots are located: Depot and Pretti Beaches / Depot and Pretty beaches, where animals graze right around beach campsites.

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