About the external and domestic tourism in Australia

20 May, 2013




Australia is in the top 10 countries by number of tourists, visited Thailand for the first quarter of this year (from January to March 2013 Mr.) So, According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand number of tourists from Australia, although still seriously falls short of leaders: China (more than 1 million. 120 тыс. чел.) , Malaysia (more 627 тыс. чел.), Russia (Almost 586 thou. persons.) or Japan (408 тыс. чел.), nevertheless, it is quitpeople.pressive figure - more 220 тыс. Man, that on 5,5% higher than for the same period last year.Thd
Such measures the flow of tourists from Australia to Thailand than just below the flow of tourists from countries such as Korea (350,5 тыс.) Germany ( 252,1 тыс.), India (249,35 тыс., United Kingdom (Almost 247 тыс.) and U.S. (227,32 тыс.). thousand
Even more significant increase in tourist flow as a percentage of Australia is observed in Russia. So at the end of last 2012 it grew by 33% and amounted to 33 Thd. Man. One of the Australian travel agencies in the last year even chartered the ship from the company "Mosturflot" and, that is interesting, ship nearly all of the navigation season went almost 100% loading. it, by the way, describes Australians as people prefer to travel as far as you can see more places in Russia, not limited to only Moscow and St. Petersburg. What should learn Russian travel agents, offering tours similar to our compatriots in Australia.
As for domestic tourism, that Australians prefer to travel far from their small country on the continent cars - camper, equipped with everything needed for a long journey and accommodation. They have everything, including the kitchen, Sleeps shower and toilet. Since this type of holiday in Australia is very popular, that the country has a set of stationary camping with all the comforts, in which you can fill with auto-camper with all the necessary: water, gas, recharge the batteries. And you can put up a tent or living in cars all the time in the territory of such caravan parking, using electricity, gas and water all the time in.




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