Declared 10 The best cities to visit in Australia, ч2

6 April, 2020


Katoomba in the Blue Mountains ranked eighth on the list.

Forget about going to Sydney, about a weekend in Melbourne or a trip to Tassie – because there are a few "curve balls" in the mix in Australia because there are a few "curve balls" in the mix.

Many of the cities, included in the list, still recovering from wildfires, However, these regions are really open for business and welcoming visitors, to help communities get back on their feet.

Take part in the "Don't delay your stay" campaign, to support communities, badly affected by this summer's devastating wildfires. Many of these regions depend on tourism, so one of the best ways to help – it's to visit and spend time in some of the most beautiful corners of our great country.

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1. Кофс-Харбор, New South Wales: кроме банаCoffs Harbourclass ="tr_" id="tr_2" data-token="0LIg0JrQvtGE0YHQtSDQutCw0LbQtNGL0Lkg0L3QsNC50LTQtdGCINGH0YLQvi3RgtC-INC00LvRjyDRgdC10LHRjw,," data-source="">в Кофсе каждый найдет что-то для себя. Кофс-Харбор – от уютных пляжей до необитаемых тропических лесов и на полпути между Сиднеем и Брисбеномэто настоящий рай для развлечений в штате Новый Южный Уэльс.

2. Маккей, Квинсленд: первый обладатель награды Wotif Aussie Town в 2018 year, исторический город Маккей находится теперь в списке для путешествующих австралийцев. Расположенный в центре побережья Квинсленда, Маккей может похвастаться пышными субтропическими и тропическими лесами, национальными парками.

3. Эйрли-Бич, Квинсленд, known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Эйрли-Бич – It is a water plЭйрли-Бичnning daytime views and a lively nightlife.



4. Batemans Bay, New South Wales: Named in 1770 captain James Cook, Batemens Bay is in the heart of the Oyster Coast. It offers fresh local seafood and an excellent base for exploring the wonders and natural beauty of the south coast of NEW South Wales.

5. Кэрнс, Квинсленд: famous for its access to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, These World Heritage Sites mark Cairns on the map as australia's natural capital.

6. Порт Фейри / Port Fairy, Victoria: delivering old world charm with modern zest, Port Fairey is on the cusp of the famous Great Ocean Road, having a rich history, great restaurants and a charming seaside community.

7 . Олбани, Washington: Олбани RAlbanyest in sight to the historic European city is the place in Washington state – the oldest European settlement in a western state with a rich history and fantastic family appeal.

8. Katoomba, New South Wales: Оживленный исторический город в самом сердце Голубых гор, Катумба балует своих гостей захватывающими прогулками и видами, богатым культурным наследием и великолепными ресторанами и барами.

9. Маргарет Ривер, Washington: Регион Маргарет Ривер известен своим вином, beaches and a spirit of adventure, tucked away in the southwest corner of Australia.

10. Maroochydore, Квинсленд: with its quirky cafes, multicultural cuisine and dynamic live music, Maroochydore is the cultural capital of the Sunshine Coast, where you can easily go from immersion in the ocean to evening cocktail.

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