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What you need to know when visiting El Questo in Kimberley, ч2


Курорт Эль Квесто предлагает различные виды отдыха - от кемпинга до роскошных апартаментов.

Resort El Questo offers various leisure activities - from camping to luxury apartments.

A few tips for, so you had a good time.

Don't make errors, which I did for the first time:


Plan your route in advance, get up early. Read the rest of this entry »



Is it worth to visit the famous resort El Questo in Kimberley?

Is it worth to visit the famous resort Kimberly El Questo?

This Australian resort attracts tens of thousands of visitors per year. But whether this is consistent with a raised profile? Read the rest of this entry »

Автопробег по бездорожью: дешевый отпуск, о котором австралийцы забывают: Hotel Murray, ч4

Wild horses near the road Birdsvill.

Another thing, that is truly remarkable in that part of the world – This is a terrific game of light and color in the sunset. Sitting around a campfire and watching, as Read the rest of this entry »

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