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Ghost towns and town ghosts in Australia, part 3


Уалхалла / Walhalla, штат Виктория, Австралия.

The House is located on the edge of the mountains, back in 1976 year. Picture: ESI John Lloyd Source: Flickr

4. Is Walhalla / Walhalla, Victoria



When something, 2500 a man called mountain town is Walhalla home. Today it is a city frozen in time and has less 20 permanent residents, Although its tourism industry firmly at the feet of the numerous vacation houses, located in this area and interesting antique (by the standards Australia) buildings. Read the rest of this entry »




Ghost towns in Australia, part 2

Полуразрушенная Фарина, Южная Австралия.

Fascinating Farina. Фото: Brett. Source: Flickr.

2. Farina, South Australia

This is a ghost town located on the edge of the desert. It was founded in 1878 year farmers and at the peak of its development, its population was approximately 600 человек. But years of drought and dust storms led to the closure of the nearby mines (at 1927), and the reorganization of the Ghan railway line, that led the city to eventually become deserted. Read the rest of this entry »

Внутри городов-призраков Австралии

Road to nowhere? Ghost Cook, South Australia. Фото: Amanda Slater Source: Flickr.

When something, These prosperous Australian city bustled as hives of vital functions. But the years have inflicted a heavy toll on them, and now only a few lonely souls remain there, to tell an intriguing story of these formerly-rich regions. Read the rest of this entry »

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