The first six-star hotel in Australia

9 November, 2013


Proposed Hotel Jupiter.

The Australian city of queensland is going to all hit the new wow factor, built a 6-star Gold Coast Super Luxury Hotel. In addition, one famous billionaire plans to upgrade the Heyman Island Hotel to a six-star.

Gold Coast Jupiter / JUPITERS Gold Coast plans to build a luxury six-star hotel and remodel the existing foundation of the Jupiter Hotel, to equip with it a wide beach. Such bold plans, as a new step to the next level, if they get further development, give tourists and residents of the city the opportunity to see a luxury resort hotel. Of course, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on reconstruction.

Plans include the construction of new high-rise buildings of the six-star resort hotel, which will be located 75 posh rooms (Including spacious deluxe luxury suites, with its own landscaped pools and balconies), implementation of the entertainment area complete with restaurants, bars and shops, and the refurbishment of the existing hotel and casino complex.



If approved, Jupiter plans to start work on expanding in the middle of the 2014 to complete them in the 2016 Year.

However, this hotel will not be the first and only six-star hotel in Australia. South African billionaire Saul Kerzner / Sol Kerzner plans to spend 50 million dollars to upgrade the Heyman Island Hotel to a six-star unique and unique resort.

Anyway., but in any case, the state of nsw will become the place for a few very attractive-chic accommodation options in the future.

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