Coffs Harbour – winner in Australia's list of the best cities

20 Март, 2020


Coffs Harbour has been declared the best city to visit in 2020 Year . Photo: Dallas Kilponen

Forget the weekend trip to Sydney Melbourne, because they've both been added to the new list of places, which is worth a visit to Australia this year.

Online travel site Wotif announces winners of the annual Australian City of the Year Award, which is among the top ten places to visit in 2020 Year.

Awards, awarded at the time, when Australians turn to holiday destinations in their backyard, evidence of the resurgence of domestic travel: 41 Percentage of Australians surveyed have pledged to travel more in Australia this year compared to 2019 Year.

In the third year of the competition, the awards are selected from the 10 The best Australian destinations, based on good availability, good rooms and increasing the interest of travelers over the past twelve months.



Having dealt with forest fires, and then flooding, Coffs Harbour in 2020 year came out on top and became the best place to visit in Australia.

Located on the north-west coast of New South Wales, Coffs Harbour is one of the three cities in New South Wales, entered the top 10, the other two – this is Batemans Bay and Katoomba Bay, fourth and eighth place respectively.

Batemens Bay / Batemans Bay is also ranked among the best cities to visit in 2020 Year. Photo: Jason Gerais

"This is an incredibly difficult time for many people, the awards received by these Australian resorts this year are more relevant than ever, as a way of recognizing the diligence of tour operators and local businesses, that make up Australian tourism – driving many regional communities", said Wotif Managing Director Daniel Finch.

"Australians are spoilt for choice in Australia, and our annual Australian City of the Year initiative- it's a fantastic opportunity to visit many cities, cities and regions, worthy of attention.

"Whether it's running away for a weekend or a week-long getaway, 2020 Year – it's the year, to open your own backyard and book a vacation, that brings us back to domestic tourism".

In second place were the nsw favourites Mackay and Airlie Beach with subtropical and rainforest, national parks and direct access to the Great Barrier Reef.

Extension: Declared 10 The best cities to visit in Australia, ч2

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