Пять лучших удаленных ресторанов в Австралии для отдыха в выходные дни

1 June, 2015


Dan Hunter – Chef   restaurant «Bray» in Birregurra, Victoria.

What would you answer, If we asked you to name your top five restaurants in Australia? Obviously, many would call Rokpull (Rockpool), Kwai (Quay) Momofuku Ando and Sebo (Momofuku Seibo) in Sydney, and Movida (Movida) and Cutler and co (Cutler & Co.) in Melbourne. All these places are located in major cities, But what can we say about those restaurants, who are off on megacities, in the middle of nowhere?

You may be surprised, but some of the best restaurants are those, that many probably never knew and more than that, are in places like this, that you probably haven't even heard of.. But if you think about it, It certainly, regional restaurants can you much to offer, given that, that they are more closely linked to the land, where grown products, from which they prepare food.

We have put together a list of five of the best hard-to-reach places, where to dine, and that is worth, that you have prepared your car and set off for a regional tour to Australia for Haute cuisine.

5. Stekins (The Stackings) Pepermint-Bay, Tasmania



When it comes to major food and alcohol in regions of the world, the Tasmania is similar to good podstrizhennogo teenager at the prom. To, to Flash on dance it, Certainly, need to take a good sip, first of all whisky, but at the moment you can also have a very good snack here..

Restaurant Stekins recently began to regularly appear in many lists for compulsory attendance, for gourmets, and to the public at large. Technically, This is not such a remote location, given its proximity to Hobart, but the restaurant is located at the very end of the Apple Island, so it is, Probably, will be the southernmost restaurant in Australia, as well as one of the best in Tasmania.

Залив Пеперминт, Тасмания.

In Stackins, in Tasmania, you can drink and dine overlooking the beautiful Bay of Pepermint.

In Stackins you will find the best locally produced products, which are on the island of Tasmania, which means a mixture of lamb, beef and some imported from the Mainland, as well as a wealth of fresh seafood.

The menu was developed by Chef David Mojlsom, former protege Andrew Mcconnell, and any, who have to visit these restaurants Melbourne Mcconnell as Cumulus Inc.. or Cutler & Co., be able to competently assess Stekins.

To top it all off, many believe, that Stekinsu, It's possible, There is no equal to any other restaurant on the Mainland, Thanks to the panoramic glass back wall, that goes on the D'Entrecasteaux channel. One only needs to make wishing to dine in the long way to go to Derventa.

Extension: Pipers restaurant in Penola» – Penola, South Australia >>




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