Пять лучших удаленных ресторанов в Австралии: «Ню Ню» – Палм-Коув, Квинсленд, Part 4

4 Июнь, 2015


Harvest Cafe in Byron Bay uses products from neighbouring farming communities. Photo: Facebook.

2. "Harvest Café (Harvest Café), New South Wales


The North coast of new South Wales has always been a place of pilgrimage for tourists, Auto travelers, and those, who can't imagine their life without hiking and camping. Byron Bay is a kind of spiritual home and the locus of spiritual life.

It is a center of hippie culture Australia, where each, who do not live on Earth, not to eat natural foods and does not preach ecology is seen as an outsider. It may seem, in such conditions it is impossible to even dream about the high kitchen, However, harvest Café (Harvest Cafe) -established himself a big name and really made it with style.



Harvest Café has built its reputation on the use of food from nearby rural communities. They even have a farm in their backyard farms, Therefore, regardless of, what you are experiencing, You cannot taste the seasonal flavors of the North coast of new South Wales.

While the restaurant is actually located in Byron Bay (It is about 20-minute drive from the hotel), This gives any tourists, travelling around the region, an excellent opportunity to study the internal areas. Harvest Café, tucked away near the old Pacific Highway and looks like an old manor house with veranda, overlooking patio

In addition to the Café at a deli, which offers a large selection of local and international products and ready meals, and a bakery with svezhevypechennom bread and pastries, prepared in the old wood-burning oven. If you plan to visit the harvest Cafe, then keep in mind, that it is open primarily during breakfast and lunch, and that the lunch menu is available from Thursday to Saturday.

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