Пять лучших удаленных ресторанов в Австралии: «Пайперс в Пенола», Part 2

2 June, 2015


Блюдо из утки.

Duck dish at the restaurant "Pipers in Penola».

4. Pipers restaurant in Penola» – Penola, South Australia

One of the most remote from our list of restaurants located away from big cities, and you will be pleasantly surprised, how good is "Pipers from Penola». The restaurant is located in the lower part of the town of Penola in the heart of the wine-producing district of Coonawarra (Coonawarra), which is renowned for producing some really good quality (and to taste) Red wines. After all, winemakers, such as Penfold and Winn, order food from this restaurant myself at home.

The restaurant itself has a history of, will his back from old wine vats Kurnavarra, and the chef and owner of Simon Bowen is the son of Doug Bowen, the founder of the company, "Bowen real estate». All this means, A what, When the restaurant opens its doors, the motto of which is the quality of the food, the on-site restaurant serves delicious foods, produced exclusively for this region, the weight of expectations turns out to be high enough. Fortunately, the Pipers of Penola, there is always a necessary Reserve Bordeaux, to support your lively conversation and reputation of his institution.



"Pipers of Penola is located on the border with Victoria, that gives you a good excuse, to continue their journey on another of the famous routes at the southern tip of Australia, namely, on the Great Ocean Road. As in most small Australian restaurants, the menu described as "modern Australian», but in this case it is not possible to really give a better name, to describe this food.

Bowen, who runs the restaurant with his American partner Erica, previously worked in the United States and Europe, and brought this experience to their cooking techniques and its tastiness. This led to the merger of Australian products and delicious international food industry.

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