The ambitious plan of the Chinese billionaire in Australia

18 January, 2016


Billionaire Wang Jian Lin. Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Bloomberg.

Remember shots from the movie-thriller "Jurassic world?». So, Here is the richest man in China is going to implement the wildly ambitious plan for Australia. It will cost him billions of dollars, but the result is likely to be worth it.

Move Over Clive Palmer, China's richest man plans to build a multi-billion dollar dinosaur theme park on the Gold Coast.

The Chief Executive Director of company "Wanda," Wang Jian Lin, going to start construction «the largest» the theme park on the coast, as reported by the MEDIA, acquired a stake in the company of Legendary Entertainment / Legendary Entertainment, that created the film "Jurassic world».

Request to takeover the company is part of a global strategy "Wanda", the purpose of which is the solution of the problem in the log up a multi-billion filmmaking, and in business, associated with amusement parks, After the recent acquisition of the Hoyts cinema distribution network (Hoyts cinema) and AMC Entertainment holding Entertainment Holdings.

According to data from Bloomberg, Chinese, that condition is estimated at $ 37 billion should be fork, at least half of the $ 4 Billion. the net value of the Legendary Entertainment Company, to get her 50% controlling interest.



A group of researchers for business projects of City Groups issued a special bulletin of the Gold Coast Bulletin, which assess the profitability of the project, so they believe the theme park will generate an additional influx of mass tourism, that potentially improve overall attendance at the theme park on the Gold Coast 10 Percent – before 10,9 mln people. in the first year after entering the Park in operation.

A frame from the film Jurassic world.

However,, in City-Group released an independent report, which disclosed details of the profitability of existing theme park dream world / Dreamworld, (Ardent Leisure) Movie World / Movie World and Sea World / Sea World (Вилладж Роудшоу / Village Roadshow) which will require another five million people a year, to make up for lost market share.

A spokesman for State Development Minister Anthony Lynham said, that the government can't comment on the Wanda Group talks, because there is such a thing as «trade secrets».

The city's business community also welcomed the new theme park.

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