Australian «Ghost Island» sold for a huge price

25 Сентябрь, 2019


The once-popular resort island in queensland, destroyed by Cyclone Yasi, was sold to an investment group in the hope of breathing new life into a forgotten paradise.

London-based Mayfair Group 101 buys Dunk Island / Dunk Island is almost over 32 million dollars and promises to return the region to its former glory.

South of Cairns, this once picturesque holiday destination has been badly affected by Cyclone Larry's 2006 году, and then was almost wiped out by Cyclone Yasi in 2011 году. Since then, this resort has been inYear

However, the island's new owners hope, that they can change everything.

The group is also in talks to buy part of Mission Beach in the Cassobury Coast region at a combined price 180 million dollars, hoping to turn the unified territory into australia's 'tourist mecca'.



They also promise, that this project will provide the population with thousands of new jobs.

Managing Director of Mayfair 101 James Mawhinn said, that "it was an honor to receive this piece of land, adding, that the group's vision will be driven by the redevelopment of the Dunk Island Resort".

Resort, which once held a central position on the island, was an eerie sight during 8 Years.

Dank Island tourist resort collapses after Cyclone Yasi. Photo: Wesley Monts

The island was forgotten due to serious damage, inflicted on its main resort. Photo: Wesley Monts

The resort used to be owned by Peter Bond, who bought it for 7,5 Million. dollars in 2011 Year, shortly after, how Cyclone Yasi struck in February of the same year.

Originally Bond planned to host 40 apartments and 40 employees at the resort, but lost key leases after several delays in construction.

Extension Dunk Island sold for $ 32 million for an investment group as part of a 'tourist vision' for NSW

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