Australian spot dubbed new Bali, Ч2

7 June, 2021


Unexpected fact, but Cairns now competes with the most popular tourist destinations.

Hot spots in nsw – Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Саншайн-Кост, Whitsunday and Port Douglas, as well as such capitals, like Darwin and Hobart, will also be among the best destinations for travellers in the 2021 Year.

But an unexpected rival to these constant favorites was a town in the outback of Alice Springs, which suddenly became the third most popular among all Australian holidaymakers.

The town in outback Alice Springs has become a rival to the white beaches of tropical north queensland. Source: iStock

This town in the Northern Territory, where the 10-day Parrtjim Festival was recently held, is close to the majestic McDonnell Mountains and the vast expanses of the Simpson Desert, and he finished third behind Whitesandy and Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Brum, Darwin, Hobart, Кэрнс, Adelaide and Gold Coast have completed the list of the most popular destinations for Australian travellers in general.



Skyscanner's latest report also shed light on Australians' habits during holidays, as the country adapts to life during COVID-19.

According to a recent Skyscanner poll, the duration of the trip to 2021 year will average 16 days and will be less compared to 21 day in 2019 Year, that is associated with shorter domestic flights.

The price of a holiday also has not the last value: 37% survey participants said, that price was a key factor in determining whether, where they decided to go.

Fortunately, we spend on 35% less on average compared to 2019 year due to lower prices and the transition to domestic travel.

But Australian travellers, it seems, increase the tariff from the cheapest option, giving preference to direct routes, flexible tariffs, preferred airlines and preferred airports.

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