What the Great Barrier Reef is famous for, and problems, caused by an excessive flow of tourists

16 Апрель, 2020


The Great Barrier Reef is known for many reasons:

  • it is the only visible result of coral life from space
  • largest ecosystem on the planet
  • unique combination of flora and fauna
  • according to the researchers, has a historical age of more than 18 million years. Therefore, this coral system is formed in the early sediments of the Ice Age
  • is the natural habitat of endangered species such as sea cows and green sea turtles
  • Universally recognized, is one of the 7 wonders of nature

К сожалению, drawing public attention to this unique education at the same time led to an acceleration of his death. After the mass influx of tourists in the second half of the 20th century, scientists have discovered a sharp deterioration in the state of water, as a result, corals began to die. In addition, immoderate fishing, total pollution (In particular,, global warming) and poaching in relation to rare species of polyps and living creatures, inhabiting the reefs, leads to the gradual extinction of certain parts of the ecosystem.



At the moment, the flow of tourists and divers is more orderly. Specially trained instructors hold explanatory talks with everyone who wants to join the culture of the Great Reef. So, eg, now it is forbidden to touch corals with your hands, and even more so to break pieces "as a keepsake". In addition, The Australian government has taken under reliable control the process of catching fish and other marine life (especially fishing trawling and scuba diving).

But apart from the human factor, the state of the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem is also being harmed by natural, Natural: outbreaks of rising starfish, whose main diet is coral polyps (stars called "thorn crown" are especially dangerous) and a natural phenomenon called "water fading" (Here the key is that, that corals need water of a certain temperature to thrive in breeding and growth, degree of salinity, transparency and other factors).




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