Что посетить в Брисбене за 24 hours, Part 2

23 Июнь, 2015


On the markets in the West end. Photo: Adam Smith.

3. Go to the Gallery

Goma. Old, but a popular place for tourists. The world-famous modern art gallery attracts fans of an unusual look and the world around, avant-garde lovers and hunters of funny exhibitions. From small installations to giant slides and halls, filled with thousands of colorful paintings – exhibitions are suitable for all ages.

4. Let's go shopping in the markets

The famous supemarkets of the Southern Bank have been serving tourists for many years, but in the city there are many other markets, which are also worth exploring. For example, markets on Granichnaya Street (Boundary Street) located at the back of the west end industrial area.
Most tents are inside cargo containers. There you will find a variety of diverse and unusual products for sale from strict classic style to the latest designer brands..

5. How to Maintain Mental Clarity and Ingenuity After a Difficult Fly

Modern technology and travel industry go hand-in-hand and today a good example of this is the Next Hotel Brisbane (NEXT Hotel). After update, on which it spent more than $ 100 Million, Hotel (formerly called Lennons Hotel) reopened in October 2014 years with many new features, and you will have the opportunity to try out the latest technologies even before that, how do you get to your room.



The hotel uses the online registration system DOCOMO interTouch, so you can register from your smartphone and use it as a room key. Also there is the possibility of the earliest settlement in the city executive sleeping booths-lodges - it's convenient, if you arrive on an early flight and need a bed before an important business meeting. In addition each room has free smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 with free local calls and free Wai-FEMA.

In the sleeping cabins (sleeping pods) very convenient.

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