Dunk Island sold for $ 32 million for an investment group as part of a 'tourist vision' for NSW

5 Октябрь, 2019


The ambition of the Mayfair project 101 is that, to create "one of the most sought-after island destinations in the Asia-Pacific region", and make the resort an international attraction.

"Our vision, is that, to Dunk Island, located between two World Heritage Areas, has become one of the most sought-after island destinations in the Asia-Pacific region and in the creation of a tourist mecca in the region., said James Moughinn.

Mayfire Company 101 has high hopes, that the remodeled Dunk Island Resort will once again attract tourists to the region.

"Mayfair 101 will work to revitalize the local economy, to support the modernization of local infrastructure and the creation of new local jobs", – He added.

Earlier this year, a 60-minute video was shown about the island, in which the presenter visited the "creepy resorts", scattered all over the country. The program conducted conversations with tour operators and owners of resorts, who lamented the current state of affairs and recalled the old days with nostalgia, and talked, that nevertheless making a profit on the island was difficult because of the huge risk.



"Dunk Island has been the biggest driver of the Mission Beach economy, and since then, how The Dunk closed, he never recovered.", – say Sam and Carrie Ann Charlton, Bedarra Island Resort Owners / Bedarra Island Resort.

Cyclone Yasi, destroyed the resort, fell on the local coast 3 February 2011 severe tropical cyclone 5 (Highest) Category of danger. It crashed into Mission Beach and Dunk Island, developing wind speed up to 285 km / H.

In light of the recent sale of Dunk Island, Cassovari Coast Mayor John Kremstos hopes, that it would bring back the former glory of the local tourism industry.

"We welcome this type of investment in our region, which supports the Council's decision to develop a strong local tourism strategy and offer incentives to develop investment in our region and, in particular, at Mission Beach", – said Mr. Kremstos.

Mayfair 101 plans to build more than a few more 10 500 jobs and attracting more 1,6 billion dollars of investment in the region over the next fifteen years.

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