Долина Мэри: ПОЧЕМУ ПРОЕКТ был остановлен? Ч2

6 June, 2017


Sun-drenched views of Lawrence from the Café next to the Ajmbl Uotsford by Susan. Photos: Джен Дейнер

A failed government project created a random community of millionaires in Queensland, handing them beautiful land for a small fraction of their value.

ПОЧЕМУ ПРОЕКТ был остановлен?

State and federal authorities spent three years squabbling about particulars, leaving landowners in limbo, until the original plans were finally cancelled and changed.

Finally, the proposal was rescinded by former federal environment minister Peter Garrett, because of the "unacceptable" impact on the environment at the national level, which is endangered.



The government started selling the pieces 13 000 ha tract, and the supply was so much over demand, that it was forced to set so low prices, to only restore sales, that only half of the planned profits were generated as a result – 500 million $.

"Many sites here have unique characteristics. The government has allocated about $ 10-15 Million. to subsidize the sale of some plots of land, and then the future masters stayed on this land, paying only symbolic rent for a few years, and recently these people have bought the plots from the government at the total cost $ 5 millions", says Andrew.

He explained, that while many residents bought their land on the cheap, others just took the money and left, throwing a number of plots to plunder.

Susan and Lawrence Wattsford decided to keep their property.

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