Jelandra Mission Beach offers a wonderful vacation and the opportunity to fully relax without crowds of tourists

21 Август, 2014


As soon as you have a good rest, you can go for a walk in the rainforest.

Kitchen, table setting and service was top-notch.


Despite that, that I don't need to advertise seafood paella, the chef noted, that the shrimp had to be eaten in Spanish, namely sucking the brains out «in which all the fragrance».

The dining room can be like outdoors, and as a private closed establishment, as you like it best.

By any means, you didn't get here, whether it's a weekend, honeymoon, work conference or short-term vacation, absolutely, in this place you just want to enjoy your vacation, doing nothing, swimming in the pool, cocktails and local cuisine.


Would you like to be there? Most people can sit by the pool for hours..

However, Those, who is not in the mood to relax much, and prefers active leisure, can be sure, that there are many opportunities to do this here..




Staff will be happy to arrange everything, from water skiing, before observing crocodiles swimming in the natural environment, among the sea reefs.

The resort has a restaurant by the pool, separate dining room, indoor restaurant, conference hall and large space for celebrations, that means, that you will never need a place, where to eat, play or just be there.

It's definitely going to be pretty hard to get here., but ultimately, for you may well be, that it will be even more difficult to leave this place.

Weekend Package for Relaxation 10 guests for two nights in 5 double rooms, with private transfer, daily à la carte breakfast, and dinners, and with unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will cost about $ 1689,00 per capita. Prices may vary depending on the season and are available on request. For more information, please, Contact Elandra Mission Beach by phone.: 07 4068 8154.

Author of the story, journalist Debra Killaleah, travelled and stayed in Elanda Mission Beach at the kind invitation of the resort.

Sit back, relax and accept it all.

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