Cairns is Australia's most popular city to visit 2021 Year. Rethinking wish lists, Ч3

14 June, 2021


At the time, when international borders for Australians continue to be closed, Excluding New York, domestic tourism, it seems, "prosperous", said Skyscanner's Asia Pacific head Paul Whiteway.

"Our new study shows that, that there is a pent-up craving for travel: 37% interviewees said, that culture and new activities on holiday affect their preferences for destinations", – сказал он.

That certainly doesn't mean, that the remaining 63% interviewees chose to stay in their garden, or a picnic at home in gazebo at the cottage.

"This desire to get out and explore has forced Australians to rethink their favourite journeys and rethink their desired destinations closer to home, for a while," he said..

"There, where the measures were announced, Ensuring clarity on dates and restrictions, we've seen a direct correlation with interest, For example, with a recent corridor for travel around New York".

Mr. Whiteway said, that the demand for travel was also driven by attractive travel deals, such as ticket sales, and increased flexibility.

"Travelers want to drive safely and within the rules, and we expect, that, how more travel becomes possible, Travellers will react with their behavior when booking", – сказал он.

Skyscanner discovered, that Whitesandy - most popular place among Australians, wishing to book trips to 2021 Year. Photo: Brooke Miles

The best destinations for travelers in June-October


2019: Phuket

2021: Кэрнс, then as the Gold Coast declines, Гамильтон-Айленд, Sunshine Coast and Port Douglas.


2019: Rome

2021: Кэрнс, Darwin, Hobart, Broome and Hamilton Island




2019: Denpasar (Bali)

2021: Кэрнс, Darwin, Gold Coast, Prosperin (Uitsandi) and Townsville.

Popular queries of all Australian travellers

1. Prosperin

2. Hamilton Island

3. Alice Springs

4. Brum

5. Darwin

6. Hobart

7. Кэрнс

8. Adelaide

9. Gold Coast

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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