Top Australian beaches on which you've never heard of

28 Май, 2018


One of the best secrets of Australia. Photo: Tangalooma Island Resort

This is just an hour's drive from Brisbane and, curiously enough, There are no crowds, Since most Australians even have no clue, about its existence.

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I'm a little embarrassed, When arriving at the ostrovnyj resort, the ferry had gone ashore.



Two months ago I had never heard of Tangalume. Even after the, as I was offered this resort, How to place, where I was supposed to go, I desperately tried to remember his name. ("This is the place, called Tangorama … Toomalangi? Hold on, I'll look again.) It was just as foreign to me, as undiscovered villages to undiscovered lands in pristine corners of the globe.

But on the quay, I felt a little ashamed of the fact, that I've had no clue about the existence of this place. And I was not alone in this.

Despite that, that ferry ride from Brisbane you can get here for just 75 Minutes, the majority of Australians have never heard about this resort, as the island of Tangalooma / Tangalooma Island Resort, fully equipped, located on a pristine stretch of coastline to Moreton island (South of the more famous Fraser Island). As I told my staff, When I came, even many residents of Brisbane have never heard about this place.

It's a mystery, I opened in one of the most beautiful, underrated vacation spots in Australia, We missed, in spite of the fact, that all the time, it was right under our noses.


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