Best places to vacation at the last minute

19 December, 2018


Summer has already begun, But if you still have not booked your December / January holidays, You can still go to these wonderful places in Australia.

Gold Coast - the best place for booking, If you have nothing planned for the summer. Source: IStock

Usually in December the most organized of us people have long been booked a seat, in which they will spend their summer holidays.

But if you are one of those, anyone with organization all not so good, then do not worry, actually there are still places, where can I book a vacation in December / January, and at very cheap prices.

The website has published the latest data on the most popular and sought-after places in Australia for Christmas and new year travel, as well as the best time to book.



Each year has seen a huge spike in searches in popular coastal cities, such as Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Cairns and the Sunshine Coast, which are the main destinations in the country.

Fortunately, There is still time, to book some of these places and even more, and the best time for bookings varies from one to four weeks from the planned trip.

According to, the following is a list of places, you have not missed the point, to book a room in a hotel there and get nabluchshie prices.

Top 10 «lastminute» holiday destinations with the best time to book:

  1. Gold Coast (the best time to book weekly downloads)
  2. Sydney (for four weeks)
  3. Perth (for two weeks)
  4. Melbourne (for one week in advance)
  5. Hobart (for one week in advance)
  6. Brisben (for two weeks)
  7. Кэрнс (for three weeks)
  8. Adelaide (weekly downloads)
  9. Sunny Beach (for one week)
  10. Tasmania (for three weeks)
Sunshine Coast now shows the largest increase in search queries during the year.


Sunshine Coast tops the list of the most popular places for summer holidays: notes the increase in search on 213% on an annualized basis.

Top 10 most popular places, where Australians are going to go on a summer vacation 2018-19.

  1. Sunny Beach (growth on 213% on an annualized basis)
  2. Perth (144 percent)
  3. Gold Coast (93 percent)
  4. Adelaide (78 percent)
  5. Sydney (66 percent)
  6. Brisben (51 the percentage of)
  7. Hobart (31 the percentage of)
  8. Darwin (30 percent)
  9. Melbourne (27 percent)
  10. Кэрнс (13 percent)

Therefore,, If you have not yet decided where to go, the ispravljajtes and run book and organize your summer vacation




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