The best beaches in Australia: Alexander Hedland and sunshine Beach, Квинсленд, Part 4

31 Январь, 2018


Alexander Hedland, Квинсленд

WHY: Located next to the coast Mululaboj Sunshine, Alexander Hjedlend (or "Alex", as it is known locally) is actually eight huge beaches in one.

"The Alex just feel, as home, – rescue worker says, and a son, Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry – Jett Kenny. "It's a very enjoyable, friendly, unpretentious place, and there's always plenty of activities and entertainment. The water here is warm all year round, and you can often watch for dolphins, floating close to the shore ".

Hints: Located directly on the beach, Kiosk Club Alex Surf» – This place is breakfast and lunch Jetta. "This is the best way to, to start your day, – he says. "When the wave is high, You can enjoy highlights from their toes in the water!»

Sunshine Beach, Квинсленд

WHY: Surrounded by a lush forest reserve National Park Noosa, Sunshine Beach (formerly known as the "Golden Beach" because of its flickering sand) renowned for its beauty, as well as proximity to the chic boutiques and hip café.


"I live here more 20 years, so I have this place a kind of sentimental relationship ", – says Managing Director of "tourism in Australia" John on #8217 &; Sullivan. «This type of beach, which, allows you to instantly relax, as soon as you hit your fingers pesoku their feet.

«The coast here is rugged and stable, and there are excellent sea breeze on land. For me the best part of the beach from the patrolled area, is the northern section, Here one feels in solitude, as on a private beach. "

Tip of the day: «My advice for visitors – use the bus,» said John. «In holiday periods Nuse movement is simply a nightmare, Therefore, public transport helps relieve stress. Or most enterprising may try to walk to Noosa through the National Park. "

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