Best in life a day at the beach, which I had, Part 2

17 June, 2018


Welcome to paradise. Фото: Tangalooma Island Resort

On the Mainland, any such beach would embrace the kishashhim families and tourists-lobsters.

But the beaches of Tangalooma, with its tranquil, clear waters and dazzling white sand, mainly use private resort guests only. And wherever you are, It's hard not to this kind of thing for a billion dollars, which is also the scene of a spectacular sunset.

Sunsets at Tangalooma fascinate. Фото: News Corp Australia

But guests can visit here not only beaches, but to fill your days with a mass of other interesting activities.



Seekers of relaxation can enjoy the pools, restaurants and bars, or even indulge in a massage or beauty treatment.

But if you prefer outdoor sports, then you get it. Sandy sledge, ATVs, scuba diving, diving, kayaking, whale watching, stand-up paddle, fishing and tours in Segway – This is not a complete list of ways to fill your time.

Helicopter rides are also a great way to not only get acquainted with the forgotten part of the picturesque Moreton island – one of the four largest sand Islands in the world, but I'm still here and went to the exhilarating parachute flight over Moreton Bay.

Треки для квадроциклов, сделанные для того, чтобы вы провели чудесный день на солнце.  Фото: Курорт Остров Тангалума
Tracks for ATV, made to order, so you spent a wonderful day in the Sun. Фото: Tangalooma Island Resort

Extension: Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks is part of the great barrier reef, ч3




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