Port Douglas pays great attention to local culture, Ch4

12 November, 2018


All Aboriginals support the Festival "underground gourmet" in Is. Gary, one of the participants of the event, said, that invitation to non-indigenous people to participate is an important part of the process.

During primary night view, a traditional smoking ceremony, accompanied by lively dance. Gary and other performers invited audience on stage, to teach them traditional dance.

He told me, that some ancient knowledge is stored in secret, they are limited to sexual or tribal framework. But many other things, such as traditional dances, artwork and cooking-available to all, people of all cultures can this learn and participate.

Brian Swindley, local artist, also known as Binna, tells a similar story.

Born in Kuktaune and raised in Mossmane, Binna over ten years owned and operated art gallery Dzhanbala in Port Douglas. Moreover, he tries to spend a few hours a day, While working on his work ("The process of creating one painting can take up to six months, – he says), He also manages hour workshops.



Dimensions of his paintings range from miniature to almost floor to ceiling and he is very proud of its Studio.

At first glance, drawing pictures can look like a laborious, but it is a pretty simple process, However, through 60 seconds with tassel and carved Boomerang I understand, how hard that is. "Medusa", He demonstrates, looks like the formless chaotic spot, but when I try to do something similar, and even the point, I am trying to gather, are hopelessly disharmonious.

"Babies always draw much better, than adults ", – He says with a laugh. "Adults are too much people. They are lost in their own minds. You can't do that.

Really, a pair of five-year-olds beside me made similar mini-masterpieces from the first attempts. I give up!

Port Douglas pays special attention to local culture.

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