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18 Июнь, 2017


Tony and Tanya Fischer decided to raise her daughter Emma in the Valley of Mary. Photo: Джен Дейнер

After driving across the Valley, Tony and Tanya Fischer, also decided to move here from Melbourne, Desiring to resolve problems with their health and their daughters after 23-year career in the army, Tony.

They bought 30 acres in 2004 Year, right before the dam project was proposed.

Official plans have gone through a series of irritating iterations, as a result, it is estimated that the water should have come close to their real estate.

"It really broke the community and destroyed the ties between the neighbors. One neighbor wanted and could get one price for his land, and the neighbor next door couldn't get as much. This led to a kind of beginning of strife.", says Tony.

"As a result, people have stopped cultivating land and plots have become overgrown. Many places were abandoned and crushed, and people didn't care.".

He says, that they were the "seventh heaven" of happiness, when the project failed.

An idyllic road to the Fishers site - they were ecstatic, when the project was closed. Photo: Джен Дейнер

Tony and Tanya built their own house, and then organized a small hotel B & B (Bed and Brexfast - Food and Overnight) called Melavondi Spring Retro (Melawondi Spring Retreat http://www.melawondispringretreat.com.au/) With two guest houses, located in a quiet, secluded place, mostly designed for couples in need of a romantic holiday.

One of the luxurious houses, that they built, for Mini Hotel B&B, Melawondi Spring Retreat. Photo: Джен Дейнер

The hill at the top of their plot is the perfect viewing point, From where you can admire the sunsets, and it's not even uncommon to see kangaroos snacking on their trimmed lawn at dusk.



They grow their own vegetables and fruits, and Tanya often uses for dinner the freshly harvested ingredients from her own garden.

"We love our lifestyle", admitted Tony.

Andrew Saunders says, that there are a lot of similar stories.

"Now people, Those, who wants to live here, are returning to the valley, and now the local business is starting to develop and local products have started to enter the market.", he says.

"So, that will not take much time and soon the valley will again be occupied by the owners of local land and real estate, who will strive to find themselves again".

The author of the text: Kirrily Schwartz. Перевод: редакция сайта http://australia-tour.info.

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