Travel to the Gold Coast in Australia

24 Март, 2019


Among the magnificent resorts in Australia, a special place belongs to the Golden Coast. There are magnificent beaches with golden sand and gentle turquoise waters. On The Gold Coast, also, widely developed network of diverse attractions for tourists.

Gold Coast, on the right, called the main resort of the Green continent.

It is very popular among tourists from all over the world.

The resort is located on the South-East Queensland. This is a fairly large city. It is the second highest population in the State, as well as on the sixth – among all the cities in Australia. Gold Coast – This is the famous, largest resort of the Australian mainland. It is the center of water fun.



The founder of the resort can be seen as the Governor of Queensland, on behalf of Anthony Musgrave. It is he, in 1885,. , decided to build on a hill (located on the north side of Gold Coast) Holiday houses.

Since then Southport became a favorite vacation spot secured and notable people from Brisbane. Even greater popularity brought Brisbane railway construction (in 1889 g.). Gold Coast is the main resort of the Green continent.

In this regard,, Here is a very widely developed tourist infrastructure. It seems, This area was created specifically, so people can enjoy a wonderful holiday: beaches amaze with fine golden sand and its size (their total length is about 42 km), comfortable weather conditions give a subtropical climate able to relax on the beach, throughout the year.

However, there are not only delightful beaches and the beautiful sea. Very popular among tourists enjoy parks with exciting attractions. There are clubs around the clock, discos and variety show. Restaurants and bars are happy to take guests to the city at any time of the day. Unforgettable contact with nature will leave visitors with the famous Zoo, does not have the usual cells for animals. In some great amusement parks: «World of dreams», «Sea World», «Tropical fruit world» and other. Interesting will visit the Lamingtona National Park and «Park of incredible entertainment».




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