The luxury Liberty Beach resort on the Weitsunday coast in NSW is not only accessible to the wealthy, ч2

14 December, 2019


But the hallmark of the resort is the rescued sloop "Shangri-La", which is installed in a place of honor at the entrance.

Shangri-La was used as a tourist ship in the 1960s.

Sloop at the resort today.

The ship was part of General MacArthur's fleet during World War II.

The sloop was part of a small fleet., who helped land soldiers, ammunition and warehouses in Milne Bay, Port Moresby, where allied troops defeated the invading there about 2400 Japanese soldiers.

It was the first land defeat for the Japanese during the war, however they continued to bomb Port Moresby.



The sloop was later used as a tourist ship for trips to the Great Barrier Reef in the 1960s, and now serves as a deck and a place to stay with a glass of your favorite drink by the resort's pool.

While the resort is located a little away from the city, its beach grill bar North (Northerlies) provides transfers, making it easy to move along the coast.

From the city you can go to the islands and the reef. We're lucky enough., and we were able to get to the amazing night cruise of The Whitesundays Reef., as we slept on deck under the stars on board in the heart of the Reef.

Returning from the reef, The Liberty Coast is the perfect place to, to relax with a cocktail, and spend the rest of the night at the Northerlies bar.

And the best part is, that you'll never say, Showing off their stunning photos, that spent a fortune on something, to take advantage of one of the greatest wonders of the world.

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