Luxury resort with low prices

23 Ноябрь, 2019


Tucked away in Airlie Beach in North NSW is a luxurious little paradise, full of unexpected surprises.

Usually a holiday in a luxury resort is expensive, But this resort makes unusual experiences more accessible.

From that moment on, how you drive up the Road Byddom Shores / Freedom Shores – named after The Doors Waiting for the Sun – you feel truly in some super-luxury tropical holiday destination, but without a sky-high price tag.

Approximately 300 dollars per night you can stay in your own small bungalow on a boat with a private terrace overlooking the picturesque Ocean Earley.

Popular tourist town, which provides easy access to the Whitesundays And Great Barrier Reef Islands, fully recovered from Cyclone Debbie, devastated the region in 2017 Year.

Liberty Beach Resort (FreegoS Shores) located on the Weitsunday coast in nsw.

All cabins have ocean views. Palms came from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".



The resort's maritime orientation has emerged, when the company purchased the old shut harbors of Shute Harbor.

The sea structure in Shute Harbour was badly damaged during the cyclone, but the management of Liberty Bank believed that, that the old props "possess style and beauty, worthy of salvation".

Resort, built around restored boats – it's a really special place, and the old port wooden supports are now part of the entrance to the hotel cabins.

And these aren't the only unwanted items, who were saved and got a new life – some of the palm trees in the grounds were taken from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Trees were used, when the film was shot in Whitesundays, but when they were to be replanted, they were picked up and put in their "secret valley".

Extension: The luxury Liberty Beach resort on the Weitsunday coast in NSW is not only accessible to the wealthy, ч2




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