Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks is part of the great barrier reef, ч3

3 July, 2018


Тангалумская Бухта Затонувших Кораблей
Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks / Tangalooma Wrecks – a unique part of Moreton island. Photo: Tangalooma Island Resort

Best, that I was able to do three days in Tangalume was snorkeling places dramatic shipwrecks.

Ships sunk here between 1963 and 1984 years. Now is a popular and intriguing point of interest for pleasure craft. Besides, This place is part of a coral reef, which is a Habitat for many marine animals, including a huge variety of colorful fish, green sea turtles and not dangerous to humans sharks-wolves.



You can go to the Bay of sunken ships independently, but I went there guided tour, that is hardly the force dragged me into the boat at the end of our tour, because I did not want to return, and could not come to terms with the thought, that is a wonderful journey must end.

As with any intense activity on the island, You, Certainly, get all the necessary equipment and the necessary training of personnel.

If you love diving, swimming underwater snorkelling or scuba diving, you are guaranteed an incredible view. Photo: Tangalooma Island Resort.

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