Tangalumskie dolphins, ч4

17 Июль, 2018


The dolphins come to this beach at approximately the same time every night for dinner. Фото: Tangalooma Island Resort.

Any, who knows about Tangalooma, veroâtno, knows about yet another thing, If there is no, I must say, about what: dolphins!

Twenty-five years ago, the owners of the resort began to throw fish wild dolphins-bottle-nosed dolphins from the Pier after sunset, and since then, the dolphins continued to appear here every night.

Теперь, seven nights a week, guests can feed dolphins fish within the programme of feeding, considered one of the most sustainable in the world. (You can't touch the dolphin, and staff satisfied, that you do not perekarmlivaete them.)



It was incredible to get so close to these creatures and learn, that they are free, happy, and make it exclusively on their own.

In addition local dolphins give additional advertising Eco-Center – place, where can I learn more about the local wildlife and the Tangalooma conservation efforts, and also you can see preserved from all interesting menagerie of little "gifts" dolphins for many years, from Acne to Octopus, as a grateful for all these free lunches.

The eco-Rangers also conduct daily conversations Tangalooma and organize a show with local kukabarrami and pelicans, which, It seemed to me, enjoyed by young children, on which they, veroâtno, focused.

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