Australia's hottest offers right now under international travel ban

11 Октябрь, 2020


Perhaps, you won't be able to escape to the Greek islands anytime soon, but in Australia itself there are many amazing places to visit. Photo: iStock


Perhaps, this year you'll need to tweak your travel list a little bit, but you don't have to give it up – Australia will take care of you. You may have dreamed of drinking wine in a cellar in French Bordeaux or on a road trip on the coastal road Big Sur in California, but nothing – Australia has impressions, that match, If not better, than those, for which we traditionally travel abroad.

Almost a third of Australians, or 5,4 million Australians, plan to rest domestically during the next 12 Months, proving, that holidaymakers are eager for local adventures. According to Finder, it's on 21% More, than in January.



Data from Expedia travel booking site shows, that Australians have swapped trips to Bali, Phuket and Tokyo, who were ranked number one on the list of school holidays in September 2019 year, on holidays in australia's regions. Planning for the Christmas holidays is well underway: the number of travel requests on the website has doubled in the last month compared to August.

"The focus remains on domestic areas, among which such hot spots, such as the Whitsundays, Byron Bay, as well as the north and south coasts of New South Wales, make up the most popular destinations", – said Expedia Australia CEO Alex Ozdowski.

As part of the Travel Fightback News Corp campaign, today we explore the best domestic analogues in the most popular travel categories and offer the best deals, to make you ecstatic.

To be continued: Incredible destinations in Australia to visit during international travel ban: Stunning beaches, ч2

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