Секретные кемпинги Австралии, Part 2

15 May, 2015


Мыс Скорби / Cape Tribulation, Квинсленд, Австралия.

Stunning views of the coast of Cape Tribulation (Cape Tribulation).

3. Camping Cape Tribes, at Cape Tribulation (Tribulajshn) in Queensland

This place is located right next to the beautiful sea Beach, as well as the freshwater lake and hiking trails, padded through the Daintree Rainforest. The campsite has a well-equipped kitchen, bar and restaurant, which offers delicious pizza. Watch the strolling cassowaries (Australian Ostrich). The campsite is located in 2,5 hours by car north of Cairns.

4. Naravntanu National Park (Narawntapu), Tasmania

So, where do you have the Serengeti here? If you were in Africa, then such a question would be quite appropriate. However, an equally beautiful place is within easy reach of Devonport and Launceston.. You can camp on a former farm surrounded by forest kangaroos, wombats, Bennett's kangaroo, and a great variety of different species of birds. Here you can walk among kangaroos and wombats, because they are very well used to people in these places.. Besides, the Park has wonderful beaches, wetlands and dunes.

5. Johanna Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Take a trip to the grass camping in Great Otway National Park. It's a great base and a very good place to stop on the Great Ocean Road route. (Great Ocean Road), and besides, everyone is allowed here to be with their dogs.. The campsite is connected by a hiking trail for tourists, leading to the Great Ocean Road Walk observation deck, mounted on the crest of a cliff with panoramic ocean views.


Sullen coast Johanna Beach. Photo: Jackson Wright. Source: Flickr





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