Секретные кемпинги Австралии, Part 3

17 Май, 2015


Вильпена Паунд, Южная Австралия.

Villepin Pound. Photo: George Sharp. Source: Flickr.

6. Camping Icarus Safaris (Ikara Safari Camp), Villepin Pound, South Australia

Forget wild sleepovers, why don't you go to bed in a big double bed, the spacious camping tents camp, located in harsh Flinders National Park, beside unique rock formation in the shape of the crater-amphitheatre Villepin Pound? Now there's Glamping.! You'll even get a bath and air conditioning to boot.. All, What do you want – it's a glass of local South Australian wine and your favorite travel companion, and the sunset over the red rocks of the sparsely populated area will do the rest.

7. Camping "Cave Coast", Jervis Bay, New South Wales



Most holidaymakers, sent to the South of Sydney in Budiri National Park (Booderee) choose to stop camping group "green Patches" (Green Patch). This is of course a good place, especially if you prefer dirty brown patches, not green. However, much more pleasant is the camping "Cave Coast" (Cave Beach), because here you will camp on the grass, located near the place, where kangaroos graze and within a short walk to a fabulous white strip of sand by the sea. The only disadvantage is the need to carry your gear down the trail from the parking lot, so try to take smaller things. The order places can be done via the website of Parks Australia (just type in Google Parks Australia).

Побережье Джервис Бей, Новый Южный Уэльс.

Welcome to breathtaking places: Cave Beach on the shore of Jervis Bay. Photo: Sara Jay. Source: Flickr.

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