Секретные кемпинги Австралии, Part 4

22 Май, 2015


Остров Данк / Dunk Island,Квинсленд.

Dunk Island is a good place, to cool.

8. Остров Данк, Квинсленд

If you came to Queensland with the intention to settle in camping, Why don't you go on a tropical island on the Great Barrier Reef? On The Island Of Dunk (Dunk Island), located just 4 km from Mission Beach, There are as many as eight campgrounds. You can get there by water taxi, at Camp you can enjoy free gas BBQ, wander through the rainforest and climb a mountain Kutalu (Kootaloo) with panoramic views of the Coral Sea.

Several other nearby islands also offer accommodation campsites.

9. Wild Refuge (Wilderness Retreats), Victoria

Серая восточная кенгуру.

Eastern grey kangaroo in Wilson's Promontory National Park.



Managed State Parks Victoria, Wild camping "Shelter" was created from the upscale glemping-tents, strained on modular steel frame, that gives the opportunity to sit as close as possible to nature and stay with more comfort in bed. Staying in a shelter you find yourself next to Wilson's Promontory National Park, Coastal Park Cape Korat and Reserve Bjukenskie Caves.

10. Cape Range National Park, Western Australia

This spectacular National Park is located near the city of Jeksmos (Exmouth) and is famous for its proximity to the incredible Marine Park Ningaloo (Ningaloo Marine Park), as well as to the red cliffs of Cape Range (Cape Range). There are a number of simple campsites, scattered along the entire coast with spectacular scenery and pretty eventful life.

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