Adelaide: Остров Кенгуру и Роща Кораблекрушений,ч3

13 Март, 2017


Secluded Trail on Kangaroo Island offers breathtaking views. Photo: DEWNR

4. Остров Кенгуру

Not very long journey from the heart of Adelaide on a houseboat on Kangaroo Island is one of the few events that «It is absolutely necessary to» commit in this tranquil corner of Australia. Остров Кенгуру, the third largest island in Australia, is home to the blue sea, white cliffs, black caves and the green hills.

More than a third of the island is protected by the State as national parks and reserves, so everywhere, wherever you cast your opinion you'll have the opportunity to see many birds and small animals.

In addition to the island and its coastal waters lives the myriad seals, Sea Lions, koalas and dolphins. There are also many Lodges at very reasonable prices, so at any time you can stay there for a night or two nights, If you want to extend your visit.

5. Grove Shipwrecks, Island Garden

Another item on our list of must-see places is Grove Shipwrecks, that within a few decades was used as a dumping ground for decommissioned ships.



This little desert saline area is located thirty minutes from Adelaide, and here are stored 25 ships of the victims well-known shipwreck.

Grove is surrounded by industrial buildings and is not a national park or reserve. However,, Garden Island is surrounded by a large enough number of mangrove trees, employees of a beautiful backdrop for spectacular photos in the midst of this dreadful essentially lost world shipwrecks.


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