Ghost towns in Australia, part 2

11 Сентябрь, 2014


Полуразрушенная Фарина, Южная Австралия.

Fascinating Farina. Photo: Brett. Source: Flickr.

2. Farina, South Australia

This is a ghost town located on the edge of the desert. It was founded in 1878 year farmers and at the peak of its development, its population was approximately 600 person. But years of drought and dust storms led to the closure of the nearby mines (in 1927), and the reorganization of the Ghan railway line, that led the city to eventually become deserted.

A tourist takes a bath. Photo: Hal James. Source: Flickr.

Currently, the city is partially restored by the State Government of South Australia, and now there are two hotel, as well as restored underground bakery, Bank, Church and shops.

In 1909 year iron meteorite weighing 1143 kg was found nearby.

Фарина, Взгляд изнутри.

View from the inside. Photo: Hal James Source: Flickr.



3. Сильвертон / Silverton, New South Wales / NSW

Город-призрак Сильвертон, Новый Южный Уэльс.

An Eerie Silverton. Photo: Alexander-Head. Source: Flickr

This tiny ghost town is about 30 km from broken Hill in the far West, in the outback of new South Wales and is considered to be velikolpnym spot for filming many movies, including "mission is not feasible (II)» (1999), "Dirty deeds" (2001) and Mad Max II (1981).

Фото: Закат на равнине Мунди Мунди вблизи Сильвертона, Новый Южный Уэльс.

Sunset on the Plains Mundi Mundi near Silverton. Photo: Vincent Ross.

Initially aborigines lived in this place the tribe Viljakali / Wiljakali, but also sposle, as silver mine was opened, miners began to flock. This place has become a bustling city with a population 3000 человек, before the residents began to leave at the beginning of the 1890 's, When more were found rich deposits of manv mines of broken Hill. Many went along with their houses. Now here remain less 50 человек, and the number of remaining buildings there are.person

Фото: Заброшенный каменный храм в Сильвертон.

Abandoned stone Temple in Silverton. Photo: Брокен Хилл / Broken Hill - tourist information centre.

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