Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии: South Australia, ч.5

17 Декабрь, 2014


Остров Кенгуру, Южная Австралия.

Kangaroo Island a lot of wild animals.

South Australia

In this vast state area some of the most incredible places for families.

Go to your journey, and learn about a place like Robe (Robe) in the South-East coast of the country. Long beach is one of the few shores in Australia, along which you can go for quite a long time. 12-km stretch of coast is perfect for travel on here 4 wheels, in order to go fishing and surfing, While other beaches in the area are perfect for young children.

Остров Кенгуру, available through the ferry from Cape Jervis, or a short flight from Adelaide is known for its scenery, incredible wildlife, and stunning beaches. Parents will enjoy the local cuisine, from products grown in the region, wine and local produce, While enterprising children will enjoy the entertainment offered by island – explore the island on an ATV or boat, where they will be able to see the dolphins, and true seals and whales.

Побережье Подкова, полуостров Флоро.

Horseshoe Flouro peninsula coast (Fleurieu) South of Adelaide is a popular family spot for camping.



Coast Horseshoe (Horseshoe Bay – ) next to port Elliot on the Fleurieu peninsula to the South of Adelaide, enjoys great popularity among families. This beach is safe for small children, but often there are enough decent waves for Boogie boarding lovers (Surfing option). There you will find plenty of places for long walks and stunning scenery, plus a good choice of cafes and shops in the city.

Подземный город Кубер Педи.

A trip to an underground town of Coober Pedi will hit for kids, looking to represent himself Batman and live in a cave of bats.

If you want to experience something completely unusual, visit Coober Pedi in the extreme north of the State. Many of the buildings in this Outback, in, inhabited by miners-miners opals, are underground. Children will love the novelty of sleeping in a hole dug underground bedroom, and you too can explore some of the local mines.

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