Adelaide – самый недооцененный город Австралии

27 Февраль, 2017


Kangaroo Island is a must-visit so , who arrives on holiday in South Australia. Фото: DEWNR

For many, Adelaide is the place, on the visit which you always thought, but instead, eventually drove somewhere else. However, this error. Far from being an, to be eternal «loser», Adelaide can offer so many places, people and events, that makes it one of the best places to visit in Australia. According to the website Cheap flights (Cheapflights) -There is no better travel, which can be made from Melbourne or Sydney and is actually for nothing, than a trip to Adelaide.


So do not take for granted Adelaide. It may surprise you.
So, examples of ...

Adelaide is a popular spot for culinary tourism. Фото: Dylan Coker

1. Incredible Food



Perhaps, you have already heard about Adelaide Central market (Adelaide Central Market), that exists already almost 1,5 century and calls to mind the best, in food stalls in South-East Asia, but here you are not obozhzhjotes and not get indigestion. But the market is just the beginning of culinary options in Adelaide. The city has everything from fine restaurants to food trucks and more 100 pubs, scattered across its alleyways and streets. You will find all the, from French cuisine to Australian classics, and all the, that can be ordered in any port in Asia or South America.

In addition to research the culinary delights of the city, don't forget about the suburbs of Adelaide, which is considered to be the wine capital of Australia. You will find not only an exquisite local Shiraz, but such brands, as Jalumba, Wolf Blass and Penfolds, that are part of the local wine scene. With regard to the choice of options for combining, then you could spend the entire trip without being distracted by something else.

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