The abandoned ghost towns in Australia, part 5

5 October, 2014


Маунт Маллиган. Квинсленд, Австралия.

Lone chimney in Mount Mulligan. Photo: Bruseatsro, Vikikommons.

11. Маунт Маллиган / Mount Mulligan, Квинсленд

One of the most sacred sites in the far North Queensland, Mount Mulligan is known as the birthplace of indigenous peoples «Rainbow Snake». It's also one of the most ancient settlements of Aboriginal, with signs of human activity around 37000 years ago.

This place has a dark history, in 1921 an underground explosion occurred here, killed 75 miners, then the local mine was forced to close for two years. It was the third such accident in the country in mining industry, with the largest number of fatalities in the crash.

The city was soon abandoned, its buildings were torn down or moved to other locations. There remains only one dwelling house.

12. Port Jessington, N.T.

Порт Эссингтон. Северная территория, Австралия.

Port Jessington in 1846. The author of the picture: Ernest Goupil, Vikikommons.

All, What remains of this early British settlement is a series of ruins, to which it is very difficult to get. Rampant spread of disease, poor housing conditions and cyclone (in 1830) as well as the inaccessibility of the region have resulted in, that this place was abandoned beginning with 1849 year.



13. Settlement Of Kanjaka / Kanyaka Station, South Australia

Поселение Канька. Южная Австралия.

The remains of the settlement Kan'ka. Photo: Afoll CD., Vikikommons.

Located in Flinders, the settlement Kanjaka was a place of breeding cattle and sheep, that was populated with natives for millennia until the here not the colonizers from Europe.

Here settled 70 families of Europeans, built cottages, barns and created so much Homestead. However, strong drought have resulted in the deaths of more than 20 thousands of sheep and the people were forced to leave these places.

Today, many of the surviving buildings have become tourist attractions.

14. Vaddamana / Waddamana, Tasmania

Парадный вход в ГЭС в Ваддамана. Тасмания, Австралия.

Power Vaddamana. Photo: Stephen Edmonds. Source: Фликр.

In this part of Tasmania was built the first hydroelectric power station and at the beginning of the 1900-IES, the local population was more than 100 person. But now there remained only about four people. In this city, in the Centre of Tasmania is very harsh weather conditions.

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