Кинг Айленд: лучшие малопосещаемые места в Австралии, Part 2

26 Сентябрь, 2016


Поле для гольфа Кейп Викхем, Кинг Айленд.

18 holes - no need to wait! Photo: Johanna Leggatt.

You can play a round of golf on one of the best in the world

Golf course Cape Vikhem / Cape Wickham has attracted the attention of international tourists, largely due to its spectacular views of the ocean.

It opened only in November, but already takes 24-e 100 the best golf courses in the world of the influential magazine Golf Digest United States.

18-hole links course overlooking Bass Strait from each hole, with eight holes parallel to the ocean. Unlike many of the best courses, Cape Wickham course open to the public, with golfers fly from abroad for games.

18-th hole even skirts the beach, which is within.

Try free cheese!

When most people think about the island King, they think, that was a good idea to try varieties of local cheese, Which one, Of course, yummy, but it is worth a fortune in local shops. But if you arrive at King Island and go in any dairy shop, trading, including cheese, you will be able to completely free to try each variety of local cheeses.

Moreover staff will offer to the cheese again and crackers, so you can fully enjoy the range of offered products, as well as the rating sheet their preferences.

Of course, You can also buy cheese, and often the cost will amount to half the, that you would pay on the Mainland.



Expect a lot of pre-orders from friends and family.

Enjoy secluded beaches

Great island, But if your little piece of Heaven you have to share with too many other tourists, It will be less like paradise, but rather on a crowded parking lot.

On King Island there is mnogomilnye continuous coastal line and some of the best in the world potrasajushhie walks along the coast, Boasting wonderful views of the beaches and water.

On a clear day, from the observation deck Seal Rocks / Seal Rocks offers one of the most beautiful prospects that you have probably ever seen, and you can choose from a variety of hiking trails for walks, that vary in length from a few kilometres and to a choice of truly difficult hikes.

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