Кинг Айленд: the best places in Australia, that nobody visits

19 Сентябрь, 2016


Кинг Айленд, Тасмания (Австралия). Фото: Йоханна Леггатт.

The island King no such thing, as the fight for the good point of view. Photo: Johanna Leggatt

Some Australians go on vacation to ride mopeds and drink cheap beer in Asia, There are those, who seek to expand their horizons and go to Europe, And there are tourists, which collects stunning views, such as, For example, while climbing Kilimanjaro, or walks in Kokoba.

But sometimes you are surprised to find a certain white spot, that challenges your travel list. It does not fit into the standard set of a tourist going on vacation, It arouses curiosity with its charm, which is difficult to muffle and, Usually, Such a place is free from crowds of other tourists, A what, Admit it, is a big bonus.

Welcome to King Island: Earth, where huge herds of cattle graze, which is replete with beautiful coves and beaches, Where is the stunning lighthouse, and world-class products.

Perhaps, to escape from the winter cold, You will be looking for a package of services, offered somewhere closer north of Australia, but King Island, located in the Bass Strait between Melbourne and Tasmania – It's a much better choice.

So, That's why you should come here:

You can taste the crayfish pie here

Пирог из раков.

It tastes even better, What does it look like at first glance?. Photo: Johanna Leggatt

King Island has become synonymous with gourmet products and for good reason.



Crayfish and abalone are among the most expensive export products, But that's not all, What the island has to offer. In fact, Cafes and restaurants go to great lengths, to include King Island products on your menu, including bakery products, manufactured in the main town of Curry, in which pastry chefs even add clams to their pies.

Signature crawfish pie (behind $14), Made from lobsters is very much appreciated on the island, And it tastes amazing.

Very close you can see little penguins

Penguin Parade on Phillip Island (Victoria) is one of the most popular tourist routes to the world of wildlife, because, To put it simply,, People love these little furry creatures, who go waddling.

On King Island, if you reach the second largest city of Grassi at dusk, You'll see a lot of penguins, who come out of the water every evening and go to their nests.

Even if you drive your car slowly down the harbor of Grassi, You can see a lot of these living creatures right from the car window, standing out in relief in the roadside bush.

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