Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии: Tasmania, h. 7

28 Декабрь, 2014


Порт Артур, Тасмания.

Port Arthur is a great place, where school-age children, may in particular, Learn about the history of Australia. In this small State, there are a lot of things, What can you offer to families.


In Hobart, children (and their loving parents chocolate) very enjoy Factory Kedberi (Cadbury Factory https://www.cadbury.com.au/about-cadbury/cadbury-visitor-centre.aspx), where visitors can taste the raw materials and finished products. Salamanca markets http://www.salamanca.com.au/open every Saturday and also visits should be scheduled in your route.

About an hour's drive south from Hobart is the Port Arthur http://www.portarthur.org.au/, that is a window into heritage arestantskoe. The site is pretty big, and covers all spheres of life of the sentenced person, including accommodation and various types of works. Because of this, Here it would be difficult to travel with young children in wheelchairs. Older children will enjoy the ghostly tours, which are conducted after the sunset every evening. There is also a memorial to the victims of the massacre, that occurred there in 1996 Year.

Бухта Вайнгласс Бей (Wineglass Bay), Тасмания.

To get here, will have to work hard and hiking, but hurry views Vajnglass (Wineglass Bay) very impressive.

While often think many, beaches Tasmania are not spot, where it would be worthwhile to go, to swim, However, they are some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Vajnglass Bay http://www.wineglassbay.com/on the East Coast is perfectly circular Bay, which can be seen from the observation deck (above the photo). Camping on the beach would be checking for young guys, but for older families it would be pretty difficult test and it would be better to abandon the idea. Further north, is http Coast Fire://surrounded by the picturesque www.visitsthelenstasmania.com.au/places/the-bay-of-fires-binalong-bay/"fiery-red rocks, ideal for study, for people of all ages.

The city of Devonport East http://www.bicheno.com.au/also located on East Coast, is a popular place to stop for families, travelling around Tasmania. The small town is home to penguins, where will the little penguins waddle to walk past you on the road from the beach to their burrows each evening. The town also has a huge hole, occurred under the influence of wind, that can be seen right from the parking lot (If you have kids), but older children enjoy climbing on the rocks, to get closer to him.

Национальный парк Кредл Моунтейн Лайк Ст Клер, Тасмания.

Cradle Mountain National Park He Lyke Art Claire is a good option for the active family holidays ..., but it may be better to wait, While your kids will grow out of the "koljasochnogo" age!

For the more enterprising families, in the Park He Cradle nacionalnogm Lyke Art Claire (Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair http://www.discovertasmania.com.au/about/national-parks-and-wilderness/cradle-mountain-lake-st-clair-national-park) There are many stunning walking routes. If you hike five days may seem too dlitenym journey, There are a number of short walks, that will give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the National Park.

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