Любопытные факты о Тасмании, ч5

24 August, 2017


Cradle Mountain National Park - Lake Saint Clair.

Cradle Mountain National Park / The cradle is in 2 hour drive from Launceston, but this scenic trip deserves a full weekend, to discover different stop. Plan your trip with flights to Launceston, located just one hour's drive from Melbourne and one hour and 45 minutes from Sydney.

Curious facts:

  • Despite, that it looks small on the map, Tasmania is comparable in size to Ireland
  • Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
  • More 40% Tasmania is protected in national parks. In the National Park is also home to the highest mountain in Tasmania – Mount Ossa, known for its Jurassic dolerite peaks.
  • The average value of the temperature in the winter is 12 ° C
  • Lake St. Clair has a depth 167 m is the deepest natural freshwater lake in Australia, cut glacial periods over the past 2 million years.

curious? To get a lot of impressions and experience all the, that Tassie may offer this winter, start your story here.

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