At the historic site near Port Arthur hotel will be built costing $ 25 million.

6 June, 2016


From the hotel will overlook the historic Port Arthur prison katorzhnuju.

Less than two weeks before the Port Arthur immortalized the 20 anniversary of the mass slaughter, plans have emerged to create new luxury resort overlooking the historic site, included in the World Heritage list.

The company "Federal" last Friday submitted a project worth 25 million dollars, that includes 20 Suites (It is expected, what each will cost more $ 1000 per night), restaurant, bar and spa procedures.

The Agency reported to FAA, the company plans to develop a resort, Despite the problems with its business, related to its gaming monopoly, and that initially looks for license renewal for poker machine, before moving forward with investment plans for the amount $ 100 million.

According to local MEDIA, Tasmanian State Government ignored the request by the company, on plans to open for her rights to the game of Poker competition in clubs and bars around the island to Apple for a period of up to 2023 year.

It is expected, that construction will begin in 2018 year on a site currently occupied by Motor Inn on the edge of historic site.

Style and design, corresponds to the impressive beauty of southern Tasmania.

Architect Peter Walker said, the design of the future will be focused on providing space for quiet reflection and contemplation of species on CTI 1800-ies, which is now partially destroyed, and the neighboring island of the dead.



«The resort is focused on providing guests with a unique experience, the luxurious conditions and in   the same time respecting the history of the place», сказал он.

The design of the hotel look tempting, but at night here can stay only 40 man.

The resort can accommodate up to 40 man, will also include local garden, While off-site at the farm will be grown products, intended for consumption in the hotel's restaurant.

The Federal group, which also operates resort Saffire, for which voted as best luxury resort on the East coast of Tasmania, said, that in the tourist market there is a great demand for such top class hotels.

Stakeholders expressed, that new development will help the development of business and increase the flow of tourists to the South-East of the country and the peninsula of Tasmania, which was severely damaged after the massacre in respect of tourism 1996 year, in which 35 people died and 23 injured.

28 April, to mark the sad anniversary of the 20 events, in a historical place was held Memorial Service.





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