Три австралийских пляжа попали в топ-25 мира

23 Март, 2014


Boats moored on Whitehaven Beach, Trinity Island, Australia. Пляж Вайтхевен Бич / Whitehaven Beach, was one of the best in the world.

Three Australian Beach were among the 25 best. However, for some reason, this list did not include the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney., and more than that, he wasn't even on the list of 10 the best Australian beaches.

Web site for travelers "trip Adviser" has revealed the winners in the nomination "an excellent choice" for beaches, based on reviews and ratings for beaches, published on the website in the past 12 Months.

Vajtheven Beach on the island of Trinity was named best beach in Australia and the South Pacific, and finished fifth in the ranking among the best in the world.

«We are very pleased to, Beach Vajtheven received the highest award and was recognized as one of the best beaches in the world», said Daniel Rochford, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing and Development, Whitesundays / Whitsundays.



Turquoise Coast / Turquoise Bay in Western Australia and Keble Beach / Cable Beach, near Broome, have two Australian beaches, trapped in the top 25 in the world, ranked accordingly 20 and 22 the lines in the list.

Baia da Sancho in the region of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil was rated as the best beach in the world – This South American country is the only one among other, In addition to Australia, three beaches which are also the list of the top 25 best.

«For those, who's afraid of the onset of winter, actually there is nothing better, than escape to one of these, Award-winning beaches», the site's Marketing Director, said Barbara Messing.

However, According to opinions of TripAdvisor users, Bondi Beach was not worthy of mention even in the first ten in Australia, Despite the vast majority of positive feedback on the site. More 75 percent of users rated the beach as excellent or very good. However,, beaches such as Burleigh Heads Beach, Manly Beach and Cottesloe Beach all rated above landmark strip of sand in Sydney.


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