Trip Adviser named best places of Australia in the category choice travelers

3 April, 2019


Among the world-famous cities and resort towns in this list proved to be quiet, almost unknown place, to which few people have heard of outside of Australia.

Was named top 10 best tourist places in Australia, and suddenly found himself in fifth place, a little-known city. Фото (above): iStock.

It's pretty quiet former mining town, to which few people have heard of outside of Australia, and not even so much the Australians think about that, to visit it.

But due to its proximity to the spectacular wine region of the Hunter Valley, the city of Cessnock, new South Wales got in the list 10 the best cities in Australia.

In its latest release Trip Adviser published a list of the best destinations in Australia and the South Pacific in the category "choice of travelers».

There was also the, that will surely disappoint melbournians, Sydney was declared the winner thanks to its world-famous attractions, beaches, historical areas and places with better food and drink.

This little town who can find on map, but Cessnock was named one of the best places in Australia. Photo from the website TripAdvisor



In second place was the Gold Coast, and Melbourne finished third.

Brisbane was the fourth, Hobart – the fifth, the resort town of Port Douglas ended up seventh, Perth eighth, Adelaide ninth, and Cairns completed the top ten.

Darwin and Canberra were the only Australian States capitals, that do not fall into the top-10.

And, Oddly among these strong cities the winners turned out to be a humble Cessnock / Cessnock, located approximately 50 km from the more famous Newcastle, who got the sixth place as "an ideal base for wine lovers, visiting Hunters Valley region.

«Cessnock, the largest city in one of the oldest wine regions of Australia, is an ideal base for exploring the famous wineries, vineyards and cellars in the Hunter Valley ", – approves the Trip Adviser.

Extension: Top 10 best tourist places of Australian version of Trip Adviser, ч2




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